True Passion
For the Task

For every project I work on, I enjoy deep diving into the type of market I will be working with, aquiring as much knowledge of the market as possible regarding norms, lingo and standard design choices. This knowledge then helps me create a base for a solution that both fits within the standards the clients costumers have come to know and expect, but also what spark of magic to add, to make the client stand out above the rest.

From working with a myriad of clients in different markets like car-dealerships, personal trainers, funeral services, jewelry stores and much more, I have a great understanding of how to develop a solution with a specific emotional goal, as each type of market appeal to their clients using varying methods. The car dealership for example, often using action imagery to create a cool feeling of their products, while a funeral service provider is often soft-spoken, respectful and using toned down colors. Using these norms in unexpected, alternative ways, is something I find extremely interesting, and is often what can help a brand stand out and create the kind of uniqueness I aim for every time.

The Process

Even thought web development and design projects usually go through these four stages, however, these kinds of projects are never 100% finished, as maintenance, edits and updating is crucial to have a proper working solution. Understanding the clients goals, wishes and KPI’s becomes the 1# most important concern throughout the process because the aftercare and upkeep is just as important as the development itself.