My name is Bettina Smed Lauvring-Loft and I will be your

Graphic Guru  | Webdesign Wizard | Mock-up Maestro | Concept Captain | Design Dragon | Content Craftsman | Banner Brewer | Printing Pirate | Creativity Coordinator | Logo Lady | And much, much more…


My name is Bettina Smed Lauvring-Loft, I am a Multimedia Designer with a bachelor in Digital Concept Development. I am a stubborn perfectionist with an eye for details and have always loved designing beautiful, interactive projects ever since I was a child, making worlds out of paper, clay or anything else I could get my hands on. I am a fast learner, and strive in an environment where I have multiple projects to work on, and work until the project is perfect. I do not settle when it comes to quality.

I am passionate about colors, logos, webdesign, digital art, technology and most things design. In my spare time I play video games, read comic books and scare away my neighbours by singing in the shower. I am a huge fan of fantasy, got the brown belt in karate and collect tiny stuffed animals.



Building a beautiful, unique and responsive website is extremely important for businesses today, as we spend more and more time online

Logo design

Help your business be seen, recognized and associated with your values by having me create a personalized logo for your brand

Online banners

Grab the attention of your target group with visually stunning call-to-action banners, useful both on websites as well as on social media

Printed media

I can design business cards, posters, brochures, catalogues etc. for your business. Create physical marketing tools and stand out among the rest

Image editing

If you want your photo of grandma to actually be a photo of her riding a lion through a ring of fire, I can do that. I can also help with simpler edits


Customers are online, and what better way to have them still shop at your business, than by having a user-friendly, beautiful online shop?

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If my portfolio looks interesting and you want me to assist with a project or become part of your team, feel free to contact me using any below methods or profiles, I will get back to you ASAP! Thank you for your interest and consideration.

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