Website Development

Do you need a good-looking quality website for your company? Or maybe just some minor changes to make is stand out more? We have years of experience with HTML, CSS and have also worked a lot with Content Management Systems like Wordpress and Joomla

Logo Design & Visual Identity

To create a successful company, you want a visual identity, this usually includes the company's colors, logo and general style. We will develop a unique and personalized logo for your company, we can also help you create your company's complete visual identity

Image Manipulation

Looking for someone to remove unwanted people from your vacation photos? Maybe you're just in need of an awesome picture of a guitar-player riding a tiger through flames? We work with Photoshop daily and guarantee we can fulfill your digital dreams

Social Media Marketing

Reveal new products, show pictures of happy customers, hold competitions or simply keep people updated on what's new, social medias are perfect for all of these. We can help you get started, manage accounts or give advice based on your current profiles and desired impressions of your company

SEO & Google Analytics

Unhappy with your ranking on a google search? Unsure of what people look for on your website? We can improve your website to help it achieve a higher rank on search engines like Google, we can also analyze your Google Analytics to see what we can do to make visitors on your site into frequent customers

Other Digital & Non-Digital Design

If you need something more specific like web-banners, posters, collages, brochures, business cards etc. We are always ready to create something that fits your personal wishes or the visual identity of your company. Contact us if what you need isn't mentioned, and we are sure we can figure something out


At B-graphics, our main goal is to inspire people to create something new every day! We know that creativity is an unstoppable force, and love to be part of new projects. This is why we are highly focused on sharing fun and educational tutorials on our YouTube channel and encourage everyone to share their experiences with learning and improving their skills with us either on mail or on our FaceBook page. We love creative people, and think of ourselves as pretty creative as well, this is why we can guarantee to be of help if you ever need a hand with a design, web or communications project! You can contact us at any time and we will answer within 24 hours.


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B-graphics have proven to be competent and a stable workforce, they are dutiful and takes pride in their work. B-graphics are always ready for a challenge and have shown unresting commitment until the problem has been resolved. With us, B-graphics worked with design, website creation and social media marketing.
Rune Pedersen

Rune Pedersen

We have worked with B-graphics for a bit more than a month, and have experienced that they work well independently and fast, during their time with us they worked with marketing, communication, newsletters, banners and printed media, and we have been very satisfied with their work.
Daniel B. Nygaard

Daniel B. Nygaard

We have been very happy with the work and effort B-graphics did for us, they work with the goal in mind, structured and helpful when needed. They worked with newsletters, banners and other graphic design projects, are able to quickly make ideas a reality and I highly recommend using them.
Kenneth Madsen

Kenneth Madsen